Tongue Burners Hot Sauce

OMFG!!! Hot Sauce, Euphoria In A Bottle┋Tongue Burners Hot Sauce fl 5oz

OMFG!!! Hot Sauce, Euphoria In A Bottle┋Tongue Burners Hot Sauce fl 5oz

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Introducing OMFG Sauce, where extraordinary meets natural—a gluten-free, vegan delight with a staggering 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, igniting taste buds worldwide! Brace for a flavor explosion. It's not just hot; it's molten lava. Say goodbye to dating apps because you'll find your true flame here. Remember your sizzling ex? OMFG Sauce redefines 'hot' with love in every drop. Unlike turbulent relationships, this sauce is a fiery romance that never cools down. It's a passionate, long-lasting affair that Tongue Burners is committed to keeping alive, satisfying your fiery cravings, and leaving your meals unforgettable in a way no ex ever could.

Ingredients: jalapeno, serrano, carolina pepper, scorpion pepper, ghost pepper, vinegar, water, garlic, sea salt, tomato powder, chili extract

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Refrigerate & Shake Well Before Using

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I first got this sauce at pizza fest in Dallas texas. I literally eat it with every meal and just ran out today. I don't know what I'm going to do while I wait for my next bottle to get here but man I love what yall are doing. Keep it up love- PIZZAGOD

Hey, thank you so much!! We are glad you loved our OMFG!!! Hot Sauce. We might be making a new OMFG!!! flavor mix. Maybe with something fruity. Stay tuned

Ted Stankiewicz
Great Taste, Great Heat

Both the flavor and heat are just awesome! I love the texture and slight smoky flavor.

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are happy you loved our sauce

Defy the Sweltering Scorch: Conquer the Heat Before It Conquers You!

As we indulge in the fiery embrace of hot sauce, capsaicin, the fiery warrior of flavor, engages with our taste buds' receptors, transmitting a fiery signal to our brain. In this fiery tango, we perceive the scorching sensation as our taste buds bravely battle a searing ordeal. Yet, the truth remains that our taste buds emerge from this culinary clash unscathed, revealing that the heat is but a mere illusion.