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Tongue Burners Hot Sauce

Habanero, Mischievous Rascal Hot Sauce┋Tongue Burners Hot Sauce fl 5oz

Habanero, Mischievous Rascal Hot Sauce┋Tongue Burners Hot Sauce fl 5oz

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Behold our enchanting creation: A 100% natural, gluten-free, and vegan elixir, boasting 40,000 Scoville Heat Units for an exquisite, tongue-tingling adventure! This playful culinary spirit, much like a mischievous imp, possesses an audacious attitude that sets your taste buds ablaze. It playfully caresses your throat and dances upon your ears with an irresistible yet thrilling itch. Just like a beloved but unruly nephew, its inherent sweetness captivates your heart, making you cherish its fiery bite like a cherished family secret. It's the perfect blend of mischief and delight, weaving a unique flavor profile that leaves a lasting imprint and a smile on your face.

Ingredients: jalapeno, serrano, habanero pepper, vinegar, water, garlic, sea salt, and tomato powder

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Refrigerate & Shake Well Before Using

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Defy the Sweltering Scorch: Conquer the Heat Before It Conquers You!

As we indulge in the fiery embrace of hot sauce, capsaicin, the fiery warrior of flavor, engages with our taste buds' receptors, transmitting a fiery signal to our brain. In this fiery tango, we perceive the scorching sensation as our taste buds bravely battle a searing ordeal. Yet, the truth remains that our taste buds emerge from this culinary clash unscathed, revealing that the heat is but a mere illusion.